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QAHS has a rich tradition of competing in High School Mooting Competitions. 2021 has seen our highest representation yet with three teams entered in the Griffith University competition. Mooting gives students the opportunity to develop their oral advocacy skills through presenting arguments in a mock criminal law appeal.

The high calibre of analytical and oral advocacy skills of all QAHS mooters is testament to the skills they develop in the IB Diploma Programme and to their own dedication in developing these skills. QAHS mooters met before school and after school over a number of weeks to develop their submissions and refine their case. Most of their fellow mooters in the competition are students of Legal Studies in the QCAA curriculum at their respective high schools.

The 2021 Griffith Law School Moot problem involved a complex criminal law appeal regarding alleged negligence in relation to a demonstration paper aeroplane spectacle that caused injury to four respondents. Drawing on an 82 page High Court of Australia decision, together with the Criminal Code 1899 (Qld) and the Supreme and District Court Bench Book, two teams crafted arguments for the Appellant and one team for the Respondent.

As part of the Mooting Competition, students were very fortunate to participate in a Criminal Advocacy Workshop with the esteemed Professor Ross Martin QC.

Congratulations to all mooters for the accomplishment of your first moot. Outstanding accolades were awarded to:

Individual Best Oralist Award 2nd place: Zoha Khan

Individual Best Oralist Award (equal) 3rd place: Lily Durdev and Joshua Narain

Griffith Law School High School Mooting Competition Champions 1st place: QAHS Team 2 comprised of Joshua Narain (Senior Counsel), Lily Durdev (Junior Counsel) and Harrison Hanley (Instructing Solicitor). The team have won a trophy which will be proudly put on display at QAHS upon engraving of the plaque.

Reflection upon the unique challenge of mooting:

As most new endeavours are, mooting was as much of an unfamiliar and demanding opportunity as it was illuminating. Having an interest in law, I immediately knew I wanted to sign up, but couldn't predict the extent of knowledge it would provide me with. Striving for excellence and committing myself to this experience enlightened me, as I slowly became more confident in my potential. I have every intention of utilising and developing the accomplishments I have made in such a short time throughout the rest of my academic experience.

Zoha Khan
Year 11, QAHS Team 3

Team 1.jpg
QAHS Team 1 
Senior Counsel: Tanya Nagrani
Junior Counsel: Zhuominna Ma
Instructing Solicitor: Naisha Rahman

Team 2.jpg
QAHS Team 2 
Senior Counsel: Joshua Narain
Junior Counsel: Lily Durdev
Instructing Solicitor: Harrison Hanley

Team 3.jpg
QAHS Team 3
Senior Counsel: Zoha Khan
Junior Counsel: Nicholas Hamilton
Instructing Solicitor: Caroline Zhang

Vanessa Rebgetz
Principal/Mooting Coordinator

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Last reviewed 30 July 2021
Last updated 30 July 2021