Pause Fest Conference 2020



Pictured L-R: Alicia Corrigan, Aidan Luchs, Camille Luchs.

On Saturday 18 May 2019, Aidan, Alicia and I participated in and won 1st Place in the QUT Blueshift case competition, which required us to write and present a report with recommendations for a specific problem that a real-world business was facing. Using our prize money from this competition, we were given the opportunity last week to further our knowledge of the business world by attending Pause Fest 2020.

Pause-Fest-Chair.jpgShowcasing individuals who are leaders within their unique and innovative business specialisations, Pause Fest is a three-day conference held annually in Melbourne, that allowed us to gain insights into the business world through seminars and presentations. We were overwhelmed by the opportunity to listen to industry leaders discuss interesting and complex topics related to the central theme of what the new decade will bring to the business world. We were able to attend the taping of an episode from the ABC podcast 'This Working Life' which explored the work-life balance as an outdated term and the rise of work-life integration. This topic was discussed by Natalie Feehan, General Manager of Sales and Marketing at MYOB, Ed McManus, CEO of Deliveroo Australia, and James Law, Chief People Officer with Estimate One, who debated whether job flexibility was an important aspect within companies and whether it limits an individual's ability to be successful in their career (you can listen to the podcast at

In another presentation we attended, Kayla Brizo, Lead Product Manager of Data and Analytics at Sony Music Entertainment, delivered an intriguing presentation about technology's emerging role within traditional media companies. More specifically, the role which data science will play in allowing people to become more creative within their roles in large media companies.

20200206_103640.jpgStephanie Winkler, Head of Insights at APAC VICE, enlightened us to the emerging role that youth culture will play in determining what content is produced from media outlets. It was very interesting to learn the differences in how generations define their identities, and how this ultimately influences their habits as consumers. One of our favourite presentations was that delivered by Brian Green, Character Technical Director at Walt Disney Animation Studios, who led us through the process, science and art of creating animated characters. We were surprised to learn that there are many different aspects of character design that animators specialise in, such as hair and cloth, and the amount of math and science required behind each character in order to allow them to become fully realised.

Between seminars, we spent time walking through Pause Fest's Tech Garden, where we viewed and tested innovative technologies and listened to attendees pitch their companies to the audience. It was very inspiring to see people from different industry backgrounds and qualifications come together to make connections and share ideas about what the future holds for the business world. Pause Fest is a great opportunity to gain exposure and insight into different industries and learn about creative and innovative pursuits that will revolutionise the way companies operate in this new decade.

Camille Luchs
Year 12

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Last reviewed 12 February 2020
Last updated 12 February 2020