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This year we were very lucky to squeeze in Battle of the Bands right before lock down started! In an ever-changing world where non-essential events such as live music are being regularly shut down, QAHS was proud to offer the opportunity for staff, students, parents and alumni to witness live music in the flesh, with a festival feel as the students of QAHS participated in the annual Battle of the Bands event in the Greenheart. What a fantastic way to finish the week!

The event started with a live performance by Mimi Edmunds who captivated the crowd by performing an original piece. After the official welcome by the judges, the battle commenced. Terra performed first and were congratulated on their energy with particular mention of the 'dance off' between Nya and Ian. 


Ignis took the stage next and blew the audience away, securing 1st place this year. The band had memorized their parts and performed with so much energy and confidence; being commended on the professional-like manner in which they took to the stage. The band developed a medley consisting of the set song (Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes) and Can't Hold Us by Macklemore featuring Ray Dalton and incorporated synchronized power poses combined with house specific chants! Well done Ignis.


Aqua were on next and they were a force to be reckoned with. The band completely filled the stage, being the biggest band this year but that did not hinder them performing as a solid unit. The band's two songs were performed flawlessly and contained a number of surprise elements and new additions including vicious guitar solos by Year 10 student Flynn Edwards, and a sea shanty finish to the performance which had the entire school up dancing. This tied in well with their pirates and sea creatures theme, filling the stage in blue in celebration of their house colour!


Lastly, Ventus took the stage. This band was rather small but you would not know it, based on how full the stage felt with their energetic and confident performance. They were commended on their powerful vocalists who captivated the audience with their born-to-perform mannerisms. The band's performance consisted of costume changes, dance battles, guitar and violin solos and passion.


Each performance was separated by guest performances which included two duets performed by guest industry judges Jesse and Juliette. The pair's on-stage chemistry and professionalism coupled with their soothing, unique and captivating vocals left the crowd speechless, in awe of the pair. Both Jesse and Juliette have impressive musical resumes inclusive of performing at venues such as the Sydney Opera House. Their experience was clear as the pair took the audience on an emotional journey.

The final guest performance was done by our very own Maths and Physics teacher, Mr Daniel Graham who performed a highly energetic drum solo. The crowd screamed and cheered as Daniel performed his rendition of 'All My Life' by Attack Attack.

Whilst the judges decided on a winner, the audience witnessed Year 11 student Daniel Cao perform a solo piece on the piano. At such a young age, Daniel's ability, professionalism and stage presence is notable and the whole crowd was silent as they listened in awe to the highly skilled performance.

We are thankful to have had the opportunity to run Battle of the Bands again this year and are proud to showcase the amazing talent and potential QAHS has to offer. The sun was shining and the Green Heart was full. What a perfect way to wind down and enjoy the wonders that life has to offer.

Daniel Graham
Battle of the Bands Coordinator

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Last reviewed 13 August 2021
Last updated 13 August 2021