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​Student Executive Committee Report

Term 3 has proven itself to be both exciting and eventful for the QAHS Student Executive for so many reasons and we are so glad to be able to share our experiences with you. Here is everything that you need to know about the Student Executive's activities during Term 3 at QAHS:

A Change...

We began Term 3 by temporarily farewelling our head of leadership, Mr. Lal, while he steps into the role of Acting Head of Science. In his place, we have welcomed Mrs. Baker to lead the Student Executive Committee and we are so grateful for the amazing work that she has been doing so far.

Making Change...

We have had many exciting motions put forward during our meetings this term. Most notably, we have advocated for and succeeded in bringing a new uniform item to the school. Based upon student feedback to the student representatives, it was concluded that QAHS was in need of a new winter uniform item. From here we consulted with Mrs. Rebgetz to bring a QAHS jacket into our suite of uniforms. Two options are being considered, which students were able to touch, feel, and vote for their favourite in the library! Other exciting developments to come from our QAHS Student Executive meetings this term have included new picnic blankets for the wellness trolley and progress on organising inter-Queensland Academy events.

Saying Goodbye...

During Week 6 of this term, we said farewell to our Year 12 MLC and house representatives as they moved into their mock, and soon-to-be final, exams. During their last Student Executive Committee meeting, we gave them a proper send-off and had a little fun at the same time. Mrs. Baker organised an exciting activity, appropriately named 'The Marshmallow Challenge', in which teams of four attempted to build the tallest tower possible using only one metre of string, one metre of masking tape, a packet of spaghetti, and five marshmallows. Needless to say, this made for a powdery and laughter-filled event, and although most of our carefully designed Eiffel-Tower-like masterpieces quickly came tumbling down, it was the perfect way to say goodbye, and good luck, to our amazing Year 12s.

Having Fun and Building Skills...

This term we also brought fun into our Global Learners (GL) and Mentor Learning Community (MLC) classes. The activities run by our brilliant GL and MLC representatives this term have helped us all to achieve balance and build connections within our classes by having fun and interacting with one another. At the same time, we have each become better communicators, more open-minded, and more reflective, helping us to develop these all-important IB Learner Profile characteristics. With another exciting activity planned for Week 10, there is all the more reason to get excited about GL and MLC classes. 

Learning, Growing and Connecting...

In Week 8 we held our third and final Leadership Afternoon Tea for 2021. We are always amazed by the incredible insights shared by our speakers during these events and this Leadership Afternoon Tea was certainly no exception. This term we were visited by Janice Burt from Gold Coast Health and her assistance dog Rusty. Janice shared with us her story of more than fifteen years in Queensland and Gold Coast Health and gave us a unique insight into life inside of the health sciences. Janice also shared with us her passion for integrating animals into healthcare and the amazing role that these animals play in facilitating better patient care, recovery, and health management. In her role coordinating hospital strategy and planning, Janice has learned a lot about what makes a good leader and during her presentation she introduced us to the concept of servant leadership. She explained why it is so important for leaders to seek to serve others and helped us to see how we as student leaders can implement the aspects of servant leadership into our work. Janice's presentation was followed by a scrumptious afternoon tea, which was an amazing opportunity to enjoy great food and to build connections with our peers.

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​Term 3 has been an amazing time for all on the Student Executive Committee and we are so glad to have now been able to share it with our entire Academy community. There is no doubt that there are many more exciting opportunities to be had and work to be done by the Student Executive in the term still to come. Be sure to continue to communicate your thoughts, feedback, and ideas with your Global Leaners and house representatives so that we can continue to represent you at school. 

Samuel Brown
Year 10 Student
QAHS Student Executive

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Last reviewed 22 October 2021
Last updated 22 October 2021