QAHS Year 12 Students receive Early Offers to University for 2021


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Our amazing cohort of Year 12 Students have improvised, overcame and adapted to all the changes that life has presented to them this year. There have been plenty of upheavals.

The QAHS staff have been impressed by the way they have continued to strive in the face of a worldwide pandemic, periods of home learning, uncertainty around final exams and even modified celebration and presentation formats, which included no dancing at the formal.

The cohort are familiar with me saying; "You can only control what you can control, so ensure that you are doing all that you can to be successful and leave the rest to sort itself out".   

Therefore, I am delighted with the response of students to the constant QAHS encouragement for applying for and being granted early offers to their University program of choice. This is all about "controlling what you can control" and doing everything humanly possible during this pandemic to get the best outcome.  It is also a privilege to work with the professional QAHS staff who consistently do everything humanly possible at all times, to get the best outcomes for our students.

Below is a summary of the percentages of students in our Year 12 cohort who have already received, or should receive an early offer to their chosen University course. There are also many students who have applied for the Griffith University Early Offer Guarantee, which was a very late inclusion into these offers and which I do not have the information on the offers as yet. There are others still, who are not listed here, due to their successful applications that are directly with the University, or Higher Learning Providers, for example, Bond University and JMC Academy. Plus there are others still who I have not received the information of their successful application, so I apologise if I have missed anyone. Remember, these offers are contingent upon successful completion of Year 12 studies and hitting the targets students have set, plus they have placed them on the Tertiary Admissions Centre preference list.

46% of our Year 12 cohort have received an Early Offer Guarantee from SCU, Southern Cross University, right here on the Gold Coast, Queensland. The 62 students are:

15% of our Year 12 cohort have received an Early Offer Guarantee from JCU, James Cook University in North Queensland. The 20 students are:

13% of our Year 12 cohort have received an Early Offer Guarantee from UNE, the University of New England in NSW, which has the added bonus of not even requiring an application through UAC. The 17 students are:

A large percentage of our Year 12 cohort have applied for the Griffith University Early Offer Guarantee. No data on the offers is available yet as these are released on 20 November.

Congratulations to the students who have applied and received, or who will receive an early offer for the University course of your choice. 

Mr Paul Haydock 
Guidance Officer

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Last reviewed 05 November 2020
Last updated 05 November 2020