QAHS celebrates record breaking Kokoda Challenge weekend


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On 16 ​July no less than 12 QAHS teams entered the start shoots for the Gold Coast 2023 Kokoda 48km/96km challenges. This marked the conclusion of the largest Kokoda program the school has ever run. A record breaking $9358 was raised in support of the Kokoda Youth Program. The Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge is heralded as Australia's toughest endurance event, traversing the Gold Coast hinterland and taking on up to 5000m of elevation before reaching the finish line at the Nerang Velodrome. In memory of the Kokoda diggers the event has 4 pillars: Courage, Mateship, Sacrifice and Endurance.

There was a buzz of excitement and a hint of nerves as the founder of the charity supported by the event spoke and the last post played. Three teams tackled the 96km challenge, getting underway at 7am and nine teams took on the 48km challenge, starting at 10am. Hikers compete for the schools cup in teams of 4 students with an adult supervisor. This year teams were supervised by QAHS staff or parents/caregivers.

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All teams set off strong and worked together to power up the inclines and move carefully down the declines. All students showed determination and perseverance to reach their goals. There were moments of joy, there were some tears and a couple of injuries but all QAHS teams were able to go over the finish line in incredible times. Support crews play an integral role in the success of a Kokoda Challenge team. Parents/caregivers and friends made up the amazing 2023 support crews, for whom we are very grateful.

QAHS congratulates;

96km teams

Team 'Fictitious Turducken' – Rohan Sen, Michaela D'Silva, Joshua Milmoe (30km) and supervisor Ms Andy Allen – 22hours 36minutes

Team 'Chafing the Dream' – Dante Pellegrino, Shay Brokensha, Kieran Lim, Beau Zhang and supervisor Mr Aaron Boulton – 23hours 28minutes

Team 'The Annihilators' – Stacey Sinclair, Haadia Emaan, Lily Cronly (65km), Tyra Huang (48km) and supervisor Mrs Frances McGovern (81km) – 29hours 11minutes

48km teams

Team 'The Revengers' – Mia Bergh, Giselle Courtney, Devam Ravaal, Misashi Tetsuo and supervisor Ms Monica Beigbeder – QAHS Record – 10hours 47minutes

Team 'The Proclaimers' – Duncan Fekete, Hiro Yokawa, Elijah Hoon, Shuaib Hafreth and supervisor Mr Hafi Hafreth – 11hours 21minutes

Team 'Scrambled Legs and Achin' – Farrell Skene, James Matthews, Jake Dinsey-McDonald, Aidan Jackson and supervisor Mr Danny Matthews – 11hours 51minutes

Team 'Kokoda Dragons' – Tvisha Patel, Maya McGowan, Taj Kronen, Everett Mellare and supervisor Mr Chris Mellare – 12hours 12minutes

Team 'The A Team' – Shantina Guo, Kobe Bi, Lily Xu, Leon Li and supervisor Mr Richard Bi – 12hours 58minutes

Team 'Striding to a Goal' – Mia Cheng, Yaj Borra, Josie Hamilton, Isla Kelly and supervisor Mrs Marcelle Buist – 13hours 6minutes

Team 'QAHS Kokoda' – Jazz Doyle, Imelda Hardman, James Voorhoeve, Nolan Fang and supervisor Mr Jimmy Doyle – 13hours 55minutes

Team 'The Crabs' – Rebecca Bennett, Grace Shin, Alma Shultz, Kris Norris and supervisor Mr Alec Bennett – 14hours 10minutes

Team 'British Swimteam' – Crystal Wang, Shiori Tseng, Chloe Chen, Nethasa Walpola and supervisor Mr Josh Mangal – 14hours 18minutes

As the Kokoda program continues to grow at QAHS we have students who were taking part for a second time in 2023, we also had two students taking to the course for a third and final time. Well done to Mia Bergh and Devam Raval for their three years of Kokoda participation (2 x 96km and 1 x 48km).

Rachael Hart
HOD Global Learners

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Last reviewed 28 July 2023
Last updated 28 July 2023