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This term we have had a new group of student volunteers join Rosies and our first Year 10 students participating this year. Despite the joy of coming into Spring, our students have seen first-hand how challenging it is for some to keep a roof over their heads, food on the table and generally to make ends meet.

Our Rosies student volunteers at each outreach program strive to ensure that no one we meet feels uncared for, unloved or alone. Rosies is a place of connection – a safe space, providing friendship and support, free from judgement, for those struggling with homelessness and hardship, or social isolation and loneliness. 

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When asked about her experience and what personal qualities she developed through volunteering with Rosies, Josie Hamilton shared:

'On Saturday, I took a break from studying for exam block to go volunteer at Southport with Rosies Outreach. I believe that volunteering with organisations such as Rosies, is a good way to develop soft skills, and good qualities which can help you in the future. Rosies helps develop initiative, as you have to be there to help pick up the slack. There are very few people running a relatively large operation, so you must develop initiative and learn to step in where you can. Volunteering at Rosies also helps develop good communication skills, as you make conversation with the homeless patrons. Developing good communication skills is essential to volunteer, and it can be really interesting to learn about the lives of the patrons. It also helps you develop compassion, as you must have compassion for the patrons. It was a very rewarding experience, and I would definitely recommend students to volunteer at Rosies to further develop these personal qualities'.
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Sharing her experience Ruby Hill adds:

'Rosies was such a great experience and I implore everybody to join at least once. I learned so much about other people and their lives and how much of an impact money can have. Both our team and the people we served were incredibly nice and you have interesting conversations with people from all kinds of backgrounds. I believe everyone can learn something from this experience and I cannot wait to go to another night'. 

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We thank our students for being a part of the incredible Rosies Community and the wonderful work that happens on the street every day of the year. 

Aaron Boulton
Teaching Faculty
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Last reviewed 09 September 2022
Last updated 09 September 2022