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Pictured L-R: Guy Burdon (Year 10), Saskia Devine (Year 11), Samantha Heufel (Year 11), Janvi Makanjee (Year 10), Jamie Mitchell (Year 10), Tanya Nagrani (Year 10), Josh Narain (Year 10), Celeste Nutley (Year 10), Sarah Rao (Year 10), Keigo Seki (Year 10), Melinda Sun (Year 11).

At QAHS, we believe all students have the ability to make a difference in their local and global communities. The skills of effective public speaking and knowing how to communicate in a room or table of people can open opportunities for ideas to be shared, connections to be made and influence to occur.

Complete Presentation Skills @ QAHS is an Academy-specific program that has been devised to further develop a range of skills in communication and public speaking. QAHS has worked with International Toastmaster, Mr Mark Hunter, since 2015 in bringing a Public Speaking Development Program to students that develops confidence and skill. Mr Hunter is the World Champion of Public Speaking for 2009, for the Toastmasters Organization. There are only five speakers from outside the North American continent ever to win this title which attracts over 35 000 competitors every year.

Congratulations to the Year 10 and Year 11 students who stepped up to developing their public speaking skills in 2020. Saskia and Samantha share their reflections on aspects of their learning during the program:

"I chose the topic entitled 'Walking a Fine Line'. I spent some time preparing this speech and related it to the global issue of the climate crisis and why we, as humans, are walking on a fine line with regard to the stress we are exerting upon our planet. Even though I am not going to memorise this speech as I think it's just a practice at speaking and not necessarily about the quality of or how well I know the speech, I did spend some time practising the speech, ensuring it was in the time limit and I would feel confident delivering it. This demonstrates my commitment to and perseverance to this CAS experience and also, my engagement with issues of global significance, given the research I did for the speech into global warming."
Saskia Devine - Year 11

"This (feedback to my peers) was a new skill, as I had encountered new aspects of public speaking that had not been previously outlined. I learnt how to observe the emotional curve and to identify when the speaker had used ethos, pathos, and logos to control this emotional curve. It was interesting to see how effective the use of anecdotes and stories could be in manipulating this curve, as when these were used at the start of the speech, there was an immediate emotional connection to the story. This skill was used to draw the audience in and heighten the emotional curve. These stories were also used in the middle to create a climax effect to re-engage any lost audience. I will use this skill by attempting to write my next speeches with a personal attachment or link to the topic."
Samantha Heufel - Year 11

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Mrs Vanessa Rebgetz

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Last reviewed 09 September 2020
Last updated 09 September 2020