Term 3 Leadership Afternoon


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As part of leadership development, the Student Executive Committee invites guest speakers to our Leadership Afternoons. The final afternoon tea for 2020 was held on Thursday 3 September in the Lecture Theatre. This term we welcomed 2018 graduate Stephanie Hall as guest speaker. Despite the Leadership afternoon being held during exams, it was still attended by 64 students and a number of staff. Stephanie shared her amazing journey at the Academy and beyond in her hour-long presentation. Students share their experience below. 

"Last Thursday, the final Leadership afternoon tea for this year was held in the lecture theatre, filled with enthusiastic students willing to hear from our guest speaker - Stephanie Hall. As a graduate of 2018 and current student completing her Bachelor of Pharmacy at Griffith University, she shared her astounding experiences and how she managed to balance her intellectual, physical and emotional aspects of life at QA. Her presentation included advice on how to successfully manage the workload without feeling "burnt out", helpful study tips to implement and the effectiveness of study groups. As test block had just started, her guidance on how to not stress out before an exam was perfect to take into action. Stephanie advised that it was important to feel calm and confident before a test, and thinking that this was nothing compared to all the other global issues going on in the world helped her to do so. On top of that, Stephanie talked about how she maintained her outstanding sporting achievements along with her grades. She showed exceptional results in sport throughout her years at QAHS, and was selected to represent the school as a Queen's Relay Baton Bearer for the 2018 Commonwealth Games. The seminar was followed by a Q&A session and afternoon tea, where students could further interact with our guest. Through this event, it was clear that Stephanie's impressive career in sports, leadership and academics truly demonstrated the IB characteristics and inspired students to make the most out of their time at QA." 
Ellen Im - Year 10 

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"Every term the QA leaders attend a fantastic afternoon event aim to provide student leaders with a deeper understanding of the leadership role they have taken and the role of an IB student in general. In the past week, student leaders had our last leadership afternoon of the school year and it turned out to be a great success with more than 40 students attending the event. We were honoured to have Stephanie Hall, a QAHS alumna as our guest speaker. Stephanie Hall shared her experiences with pride and confidence. She shared her insights about her journey through the IB and some amazing information about life outside the fences of QAHS. Furthermore, she was heavily immersed in extracurricular events outside of school and has excelled as an athlete. She shared with us her techniques and tips of how to study efficiently and gave us an idea of what university life will be like. We are very grateful to have such an incredible role model. She has set an example of a high achieving IB student who knows how to manage her time. The most important concept that I've taken from the afternoon was that having GRIT is an important component in succeeding."
Nya Piamrojanaphat - Year 10 

Mr Anir Lal
Leadership Coordinator

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Last reviewed 09 September 2020
Last updated 09 September 2020