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Our Brilliant Futures enrichment program participants have had an action packed last term in 2020. Read on to find out more about our most recent workshops and activities.


SPARQ-ed is a unique educational facility established as a collaboration between the Department of Education and University of Queensland. The SPARQ-ed facility is located in the Translational Research Institute (TRI) in Woolloongabba, Brisbane and features a biomedical PC2 teaching laboratory and learning centre. All of our Brilliant Futures groups had the opportunity to visit and be actively engaged in practical laboratory experiences at SPARQ-ed. Our Introductory Year students took part in the "Introduction to Microbiology and Microscopy" whilst our Investigative and Inquiry year students were immersed in "Introduction to Cell Biology".

"At this workshop we explored the wonder that is microbiology at the SPARQ-ED research centre. We aced our first steps of microbiology by discovering the minute living animals in samples such as pond water finding animals such as Protozoa, which are white singular cells "squirming" around. To keep ourselves safe we wore standard lab protection, constantly used ethanol on our gloves when handling the samples. We also examined cancer biopsies and learned about different bacteria and how to differentiate between gram-negative and gram-positive, by using the thickness of the Peptidoglycan. Using substances that I have never used before was nerve-raking yet extremely exciting as this opportunity is not very common. This workshop has definitely inspired me and I hope to do activities like this in the future." - Dhivyaa (Introductory Year)

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Our Investigative Year Brilliant Futures students journeyed to Numinbah Valley over the weekend for the annual Brilliant Futures STEM Camp. We were fortunate to be able to reschedule it to Term 4 to ensure this graduating Brilliant Futures cohort could experience this time together.

Saturday morning saw field water quality investigation and testing, the afternoon for team building, meeting and holding forest creatures and developing their STEM poster pitches for their upcoming Graduation. The afternoon had us flanked by storms on Saturday and a hit of hail, followed by clear skies allowing us to venture out in the evening to see the glowworms at the Natural Arch. We woke to a perfectly sunny Sunday morning; perfect for our solar boat building challenge and race.

The Brilliant Futures STEM Camp is reported by students as a bonding highlight of the two year Brilliant Futures Program. 

"It was so good really getting to know and spend time with the other kids and developing those relationships."

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Mrs Christina Rekort-Blundell
Brilliant Futures Coordinator

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