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The International Baccalaureate Office states that “The International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) is recognized and respected by the world's leading universities, and evidence suggests that higher rates of DP students go on to university and higher education study than non-IB students. DP students can apply to more than 3,300 higher education institutions each year, in close to 90 countries. The most popular of these institutions are ranked among the top universities in the world."*

We love hearing from Academy Alumni as to where their IB Diploma has taken them for University studies and in life. Angie Zhou (Class of 2020) gained entry to one of the top universities in the United States of America, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and commenced her studies in 2021. MIT has a strong international reputation for scientific and technological research. In 2021, it was again named the world's top university by the QS World University Rankings, which is based upon academic reputation, employer reputation and research citations.

Angie shares her experiences of her first semester at MIT:

“Going into MIT, I had no idea what to expect. I didn't know anyone there, I had never lived alone, and I was nervous about whether I would fit into a place with such high calibre students and professors. It took me almost the whole semester to start getting used to how to prioritise and balance classes with socials, extracurriculars, and sleep (even now, I'm still trying to figure it out!). Slowly, I joined extracurriculars I was genuinely interested in - dance teams, cultural associations, leadership programs, and service groups. I met people that I could laugh with, confide in, and talk to for hours. I found professors and teaching assistants who were genuinely passionate about what they taught and cared for their students individually - even in a class size of 150+. Looking back over my first semester, there were multiple times that I struggled with challenges - whether it be persuading a group of strangers to vote for me; completing three extensive homework sets, five dance shows, and a 2000 word paper in a week; or learning coding at a pace that I didn't think was possible. But now, I'm excited that there are endless opportunities to learn, endless classes to take, endless activities to enjoy. I am so grateful to be at a place where every single person I have met has inspired me to work harder, try new things, and be a better person. I look forward to the next semester and the challenges that come with it."

It is wonderful to see the passions Angie enjoyed during her time at QAHS through the IB CAS program accompanying her in her university studies. We wish Angie and all members of the QAHS Alumni all the very best for their studies in the year ahead.

*Source: International Baccalaureate Organization. (2005-2022). Pathway to University and Employment. Retrieved 9 February, 2022 from

​Vanessa Rebgetz

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Last reviewed 11 February 2022
Last updated 11 February 2022