CIQ Chinese Language Culture Camp

During the term 2 holidays, QAHS Mandarin students had the amazing opportunity to participate in the Chinese Language and Culture camp hosted by the Queensland University of Technology at QCCC Brookfield Campsite. The three day program aimed to immerse students in Chinese language and culture as well as meeting and connecting with new friends from across Queensland. Apart from the intensive language courses, students participated in the cultural activities, such as making and kicking shuttlecock, writing calligraphy, making dumplings and learning Chinese social dance. The following are the students’ reflections.

Khamsone, Isabelle“The QUT Chinese Language and Culture Camp was a worth-while experience and opportunity to intensively engage with Chinese Language and culture.”
Isabelle Khamsone – Year 10


Chen, Jessica“Although the content that I learnt in the camp wasn’t all new to me it was a great way to revise my Chinese and learn some new alternative ways to say a specific word. For example, 棕色 can also be 褐色, 逛街 can also be购物.”
Jessica Chen – Year 10


Choi, Isabella“After this camp, I have a deeper understanding of the culture of China and I have developed my knowledge of the Chinese language. This camp has allowed me to experience a small fraction of China’s vast culture which is constantly expanding and growing, and it has been beneficial for my future in learning Mandarin.”
Isabella Choi – Year 10


McNab, Olivia“The most enjoyable part of this camp for me was learning how to do calligraphy. Even though I was not that great at it, I found it very relaxing. Overall, I believe this camp has provided me with the experience and knowledge that I need to strive in learning this language.”
Olivia McNab – Year 10


Kim, Ho-Se“My personal knowledge of the mandarin language became much more enhanced, and I also received a useful booklet that I can refer to anytime I want to remember all the things I learned and did at the camp. The teachers were cooperative and supportive of everything we did.”
Ho-Se Kim – Year 10


Yoshioka, Maito“Other highlights included the good food served there and staying up late with my new friends that I have made at the camp. Overall it was a very good camp also with very good accommodation. I will recommend it to anyone who has the chance to participate.”
Maito Yoshioka – Year 10


Mrs Joanne Cheng
Mandarin Teacher