Clever QAHS Students and Teachers

The Griffith University High School Trivia Night was an event run by Griffith University and provided an opportunity for high school students and teachers to compete against one another in rivaling teams from schools all over the Gold Coast. The competition consisted of six rounds with six questions in each. The first three rounds were comprised of biology-based questions, the next two rounds were physics, and a final round was chemistry. All the questions tested our IB subject knowledge as well as considering things outside the syllabus. Between each round there were bonus games of logic, deduction and chance, with numerous opportunities to win really great prizes.  On the whole, the entire night was really good fun and entertaining.  It’s such a great experience, not only for the opportunity to win great prizes, but also it’s a really enjoyable event to do with a group of friends – as well as a more interesting method of revision. At the conclusion of the night, the scores were totalled and the QAHS teams all performed really well – with the QAHS teachers’ team taking out first place!

George Cary
Year 12