Community Garden Harvest Day

Thursday 20 June, we, the members of the QAHS Community Garden CAS experience, conducted our first official harvest of the year. This consisted of us harvesting our fully matured celery and rosemary plants which we had nurtured through our continuous weeding, watering and overall maintenance. Harvested produce was delivered to staff and students.

“It was very rewarding to see the matured plants, freshly harvested, after months of hard work and effort.” Hunter Alker (Year 11)

More specifically, we were tasked with taking two or three inches from the top of the rosemary branches, bundling them together, with groupings of five individual celery stalks. After we had successfully completed this process, the group gathered all of our freshly harvested celery and rosemary into baskets, delivering them to various members of staff and students in exchange for an optional small donation that would help fuel future QAHS Community Garden endeavours. This experience was considered greatly rewarding as it taught us the value of patience, perseverance and hard work, physically represented by the thriving plants themselves. Specific to our individual group, it provided us with an understanding of what it means to be a cohesive and efficient group while positively contributing to others in our community, a concept consistently maintained in the QAHS environment.

“I grew as both a member of a group and as an individual . . . almost as much as our celery had!”  –  Matua Clarke (Year 11)

This experience enabled us to embody the IB Learner Profile attributes of being balanced, knowledgeable, reflective and caring through branching out and trying new experiences, increasing our personal knowledge about gardening, utilising this knowledge to further improve as gardeners, and finally, contributing towards something larger than ourselves.

“Like our plants, we branched out and strengthened our roots in our gardening ability.”  –  Alicia Corrigan (Year 11)

Ultimately, this was a wonderful experience that we thoroughly recommend to those who share a similar passion.

Matua Clarke
Year 11 Student
Community Garden Committee Member