Confucius Classroom Speaking Competition

Speaking Competition 3The Confucius Classroom Speaking Competition at QAHS was successfully concluded on Thursday 4 May. Thank you to Ms Jane Xu and Ms Zoe Xing from the Tourism Confucius Institute, Griffith University for  judging. Congratulations to Victoria Ng, Maria Saito, Kane Smith, Clarissa Kho, Rohaan Haikerwal, Jonghyun Jeon, Julia BejleriEmily S-Matsumoto, Hyun Seung Kim and Joseph Han for their outstanding speeches.

“Participating in the Chinese MLTAQ speaking competition has helped me expand my knowledge of the Chinese culture and people. I took this opportunity and experience as a learning tool which has given me more insights of the Chinese language. I loved working with Mrs Cheng and my peers (Victoria, Jonghyun, Maria, Kane and Rohaan) in improving our pronunciation and presentation of our speeches. We have all worked really hard for the position and we hope to do Kho, ClarissaQAHS proud by trying our best and having fun along the way.”
Clarissa Kho – Year 11

“The QAHS and Griffith Speaking competition was a great way to enhance my Chinese speaking skills as everyone had the opportunity to go up and present a short speech on a topic of our own choice. My topic was based on “Similarities of both Chinese and Korean Lucky Numbers”.  By studying and writing this into a formal speech, I learnt more about Chinese culture and history as well as Korean culture which I had not learnt previously. This was even more exciting as we had two external judges from the Griffith Confucius Institute to assess our content and our accent.  As for next year’s participants, this will help them improve their Chinese vocabulary, knowledge of Chinese history and Kim, Hyun Seungbackground and also pronouncing the words more proficiently.”

Hyun Seung Kim – Year 11

“The QAHS Mandarin Speaking Competition was an incredible opportunity to challenge our skills in a new environment. It was quite an honour to have the guest judges give us vital, constructive feedback on our Chinese speaking skills. I am very grateful to these special guests and hope they enjoyed our performances. This competition was doubly special for me, as it lead to my nomination for the MLTAQ Speaking Competition in Brisbane. Special thank you to Mrs Cheng for organising the competition and for her relentless dedication to our learning. Both my appreciation of Chinese culture and the language was developed through this experience. These opportunities are very beneficial to our learning of a Haikerwal, Rohaancomplex language and is another example of the multitude of experiences QAHS has to offer us.” 

Rohaan Haikerwal – Year 11

“For the past 8 weeks, I have been practising my Mandarin speech for the QAHS Speaking Competition. As a language experience, I feel that this speech has given me more confidence to hone my Mandarin speaking skills and gain further confidence in public speaking. I have participated in other Mandarin-speaking in previous years, however this experience has been the most developmental for me. I feel that I am using the language skills I have Bejleri, Juliaacquired in class and now I am even more fluent in the language.” 

Julia Bejleri – Year 11

“During the QAHS Speaking competition, students were given the opportunity to prepare a speech on a topic of their choice, using vocabulary they have gained since beginning to learn Mandarin at QAHS. We were then allowed to present our speech to a panel of external judges. Having participated in the CLTAQ competition the previous two years, the QAHS speaking competition proved to be an extremely Ng, Victoriaexciting and valuable experience, providing students with a taste of what an external competition is like.”

Victoria Ng – Year 12

Speaking Competition 2edited
“The QAHS Mandarin classes competed with each other using self-made speeches and presented to two special guests from the Griffith Tourism Confucius Institute. From this, a group of students were selected to represent the school in the MLTAQ Chinese Speaking Competition. The experience was helpful for our confidence when presenting and our fluency. As each student participated in the competition, everyone was able to improve their speaking ability to Smith, Kanesome degree as well as their composition writing skills.”

Kane Smith – Year 11

Joanne Cheng
Mandarin Teacher