Congratulations – enjoy your trip Ayla

Year 10 QAHS student, Ayla Tartic has been presented with the fantastic opportunity to participate in a three month exchange program to France, departing in late October.

The Southern Cross Exchange program, which encourages cultural acceptance and understanding, requires entrants to write an essay on the subject of ‘What can be gained from learning from another culture?’

In her winning essay, Ayla wrote, “My primary motivation for going to France is the language. I find joy in adding accents to my e’s, and have never looked back after beginning my journey into ‘la conversation Française’. I can honestly say that studying French was one of the best decisions of my life.”

The exchange, which will take place over the course of three months, will see Ayla living and studying in France in order to truly immerse herself within the culture.

“Studying a culture from a textbook is one thing, but actually being immersed in it will bring the textbook to life. From the moment you board the first plane on your journey to another culture, the biggest practical lesson of your life begins,” wrote Ayla.

Ayla’s Study Exchange to France evidences the importance of the learning of a second language, a curriculum priority which underpins the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

It is perhaps from this that her interest in French culture has stemmed.

“As the youth of Australia, it is paramount that we expose ourselves to and become aware of what exists beyond our nation’s walls. Becoming a global citizen entails understanding and becoming one with people from all over the world, and a cultural exchange enables you to get one step closer to achieving this goal,” said Ayla.

Hudson, LornaLorna Hudson
Student Reporter
Year 12