Congratulations to QA music students

Eight QA students from QAHS and QASMT Campuses recently achieved the AmusA or LmusA Diploma from the Australian Music Examinations Board. Congratulations to all QA students for passing AmusA or LmusA, you have made the Queensland Academies as a whole very proud and it was very lovely to see so many QA students graduating.

Anita Alexus
Year 12, QAHS

The AmusA Diploma is a music examination which involves intense dedication and commitment. The examination is very clear cut, and musicians can either pass or not pass, with a pass allowing the musician to receive a diploma award which is a great achievement.  Sayo Kokubun (pictured insert), Jacinta Lok (below insert), who was a QAHS graduate in 2013, and myself, Anita Alexus (third from right), were three QAHS students out of eight (in combination with QASMT) that attended this special awards ceremony as graduates of the AmusA diploma, Sayo and Jacinta in piano and myself in violin.

Achieving this is also very reflective of the IB learner profile, and could be treated as an additional subject in the IB programme which requires the same or if not more work to get to the standard we need to pass. To all aspiring musicians, if you are still working through the AMEB grades, I strongly encourage you to continue to persevere with your instrument because receiving a diploma is a great achievement and is something to be proud of, and in addition, you also score extra credit points on your rank score.