Countdown to GC Kokoda Challenge 2019

With only seven weeks to go until the start of the Gold Coast 96km Kokoda challenge the two QAHS teams have been enjoying their recent long training hikes. Tackling 24km around waterfall circuit on 11 May and 28km in the Nerang National Park on 25 May, the teams are feeling confident and can’t wait to take on the full 96km challenge around the hinterland, accompanied by Ms Hart and Mr Emery.

“I could not be more proud of the hikers and what they have achieved this year. They have trained for over 12 months to improve their fitness and by the time the challenge starts will have travelled over 200km in training hikes all across the Gold Coast during both the day and overnight. The four pillars of Kokoda are courage, sacrifice, endurance and mateship. The members of QAHS 1 and QAHS 2 have shown all four pillars throughout this journey and have grown as a team. I am looking forward to the challenge of the 96km and will share it with eight of the best young people I have had the pleasure to spend time with.” – Ms Hart

The Kokoda challenge 2019 hikers are (pictured above L-R) Benjamin Sheppard, Stephanie Kallas, Anna Lee, Callum Janetzki, Manomai Tirumalasetti, Shakira Coldwell, Rhiannon Pascual and Bella Armson. We wish them luck in the rest of their training and with the upcoming challenge on 20 July.

Ms Rachael Hart
Sports Coordinator