Day of Excellence for Year 9 students

Queensland Academies – Health Sciences Campus opened its doors recently to engage over forty highly capable Year 9 students from local high schools in a Day of Excellence. Focused on Psychology, Mathematics and Science, students were given the opportunity to don lab coats whilst challenging themselves in a set of higher order thinking tasks.Paul Mitchell

Ready, set recall! explored structures of the brain responsible for memory with students dissecting sheep’s brains as an introduction to psychological theory on memory. “It was interesting breaking up the numbers and then memorising them, I got a better result. Dissecting the sheep’s brain was very interesting. There were so many important functions that contribute to the body.” Visiting Year 9 student

Mathematics and Money provided a financial literacy focus for students to examine the enablers and obstacles to a wealthy future. Chemical Catalyst set students on an investigative geological survey testing minerals and compounds to locate the site of a secret gold mine.

With some of the visiting students seeking selective entry to Queensland Academies for Year 10 in 2015, the day provided a great opportunity for students to taste the learning in the QA environment.

Some feedback from the visiting Year 9 students – showing the day has made a big impression:

 Sheep Brain Dissection“I found that this school is a really great school and I do wish, in the future, to attend here. This school taught me a lot of new things that will help me and all the staff members were nice and helpful.”

“I enjoyed today so much, especially as I love Chemistry and Biology and learning about new things. Thank you for an awesome day. I want to be a doctor when I grow up and this was exactly the thing I loved!”

“It was a great and enriching day that allowed me to learn about new things. I would definitely want to come here for an experience day once again.”

Pictured top right: Chemistry teacher Mr Paul Mitchell demonstrates testing of chemical compounds.
Above left: Year 10 Psychology Ambassadors demonstrate a sheep’s brain dissection for visiting students from Keebra Park State High School.

Vanessa Rebgetz
Deputy Principal