Debaters Branch Out into Adjudication

This year, Senior Debaters have been encouraged to train as adjudicators for the Junior A and B levels of the Gold Coast Debating Competition. This helps to improve and refine their debating skills as they are required to see the clash of debating from a new perspective. It is an opportunity to engage with the local community and mentor younger debaters by sharing the value of their own debating experiences. Also, it deepens the value of debating as a CAS experience.

Rohaan Haikerwal Year 12:
I have been fortunate enough to adjudicate 3 Junior debates. I have thoroughly enjoyed being an adjudicator for Junior debating divisions this year. Being in a mentorship role and empowered with the ability to advocate how debating should be done has certainly been a rewarding experience. I look forward to watching the new generation of debaters develop through competition, knowing how purposeful and enjoyable debating can be.

Italia Malik Year 12:
Personally, the debating adjudication experience and the adjudication course have developed my critical thinking in debating as a whole and my communication skills. This adjudication experience has allowed me to grow as a debater and deepen my knowledge.

Annabel Jellett Year 11:
Adjudicating was an amazing way to engage with the next generation of debaters. It is a rewarding experience as it allows you to recognise the importance of debating in gaining confidence and high order thinking skills. It is great to give back and support the Gold Coast Debating community and help strengthen the future of debating. 

Mrs Mary-Anne Wood
Debating Coordinator