Debating Champions and Most Successful School – again!

Pictured L-R: Malori Spence, Zack Maradeen, Liam Harker, Soham Kale, Matilda Shirley.

On the evening of Wednesday 15 August, the QAHS debating season came to an end as the Gold Coast Debating Association Competition grand finals were held at Bond University. 2018 saw another very successful year for QAHS debaters with four of our teams making it to the semi-final round and QAHS being awarded Most Successful School for the second year in a row.

A big congratulations goes to our Intermediate A team, who were declared the division champions after defeating All Saints Anglican School. The Year 10 team consisting of Zack Maradeen, Soham Kale (awarded Speaker of the Night), Malori Spence, Liam Harker and Matilda Shirley demonstrated perseverance, excellent team work and creative thinking for the duration of the season. All Year 10 teams this year were coached by Year 12 student, Rohaan Haikerwal who we congratulate for his outstanding contribution to debating at QAHS. Congratulations, too, to all our debating teams and their support networks for representing our Academy so commendably throughout the year.

Debating reflections:

Debating at QAHS this year has been such a fun, emotional and challenging learning experience. Being able to discuss contentious and contemporary issues in society and argue over which viewpoint is correct really allows for us to develop a more holistic understanding of the issues and make some form of compromise in opinions – even though one side is deemed the winner. The art of debating is one that many would aim to practice in everyday life, without ever actually believing that it would win them a competition of this type. Being a great debater comes down to being a good person and exemplifying a charismatic personality. This would not normally be thought to be the key as debating involves arguing and trying to persuade and win over the audience. However, our team soon learnt that people will often reason more with someone they like. That is why debating is crucial for learning the balance between being a reasonable and highly-respected individual and convincing an audience that your views are more correct than those of others”. – Zack Maradeen

Debating has always been an exciting and rewarding experience, and this season was no different. Debating consists of teams of four (three speaking) battling it out against other teams, using arguments, creativity, quick thinking and charisma. We are assigned a topic, assigned a side and then required to argue our case while demonstrating the flaws in the case of the opposition’s. This season was an amazing experience. We faced several formidable teams (including another QAHS team) but after several challenging debates we achieved victory in the grand finals, becoming the best team in the division. Participating in debating has taught me many things. For one, debating has significantly improved my public speaking ability. Not only that, but my ability to reason logically and find flaws in seemingly consistent points has improved. Debating also developed my ability to think on my feet, to effectively answer POIs (points of information) and rebut effectively. It made me more aware of global issues as our debate topics were often issues facing the world. Finally, it improved my ability to see the two sides to every argument. Debating is challenging, intense, exciting and rewarding (plus it counts for CAS) and for these reasons I would recommend it to anyone.” – Soham Kale

Mrs Marnie Chetter and Mrs Mary-Anne Wood
Debating Coordinators