Debating Continues into the Knock Out Rounds

Congratulations to the Senior B and Open A debating teams who are set to compete in the knock out rounds in Term 3.

Round 4 had senior debaters considering Australia’s relationship with the USA, typical of the weighty and significant issues that debaters are often required to tackle. They need to be open-minded and knowledgeable in order to support their cases, as sides are allocated not chosen. Furthermore, they need to be principled In order to deal with controversial issues with sensitivity.

Debating is a big commitment for students: to the team, the school and the competition. It requires time management skills and taking responsibility for being in the right place at the right time. Students’ communication skills are tested under pressure.

The coaches would like to take the opportunity at the end of the first 4 rounds, to congratulate all debaters who have participated this year. All of the total of 7 teams won at least one debate out of 4, experiencing both winning and losing. After a loss or a win, the process of getting feedback, improving skills and techniques and renewing commitment to debating is an important contributor to students’ personal and academic development. The fact that debating fosters critical thinking is supported by Ayla Tartic of the 2017 Open A team: “Many times I have been forced to reconsider my own opinions. In trying so very hard to communicate them, I realised the flaws that they may be riddled with.”

Mrs Mary-Anne Wood and Mrs Marnie Chetter
QAHS Debating