Debating Horizons Expand in 2019

Pictured (L-R): Daria Chernova, Liam Harker, Soham Kale, Zack Maradeen, Malori Spence, Darsshana Sureskumar.

As a warm up for the debating season, Year 11 students have built on their skills and contributed to the Gold Coast debating community by presenting the 2019 Summer School Show Debate on Saturday 23 February at Bond University. The show debate is a demonstration of the structure, techniques and manner of debating for younger debaters just starting out, or just for those attending the Summer School who always enjoy a good debate. We are proud of this contribution made by the team of Liam Harker, Malori Spence and Darsshana Sureskumar, as well as Daria Chernova of Year 10 who kindly volunteered to act as timekeeper for the debate.

Two Year 11 debaters, Zack Maradeen and Soham Kale, also took the opportunity kindly offered by the Queensland Debating Union to try out for the state team in the trails held in Brisbane, an exciting first for QAHS. These students enjoyed meeting debaters from other parts of Queensland and other debating competitions. Their talent and skill are amply evidenced by their achievement in both making it into the second round. Zack says of the experience:

On 17 and 23 February, I attended the Queensland state team debating trials in Brisbane. This competition was of a very high standard, with the winners making their way onto the state team to represent Queensland nationally. The style of debating was something I was not used to, with a different structure to that used within the Gold Coast competitions. However, I persisted through the challenges and made it to the second round of trials. I was unsuccessful here, however, I am very proud of how far I was able to make it, in a competition were the stakes were so high and the competition even higher. I am forever grateful for the experience that this opportunity presented me, and it definitely has helped to further shape me as a debater. In particular, I have really improved at looking at topics with a more holistic approach, being able to think of convincing arguments that others may not have considered in order to prove my points. I will use this experience in my debates in the Gold Coast competition this year and moving forward in my debating career. Overall, I am so glad that I gave the debating trials a go and the experience has been very rewarding.

The 2019 debating season has not opened yet, but teams are formed and a team of year 12 and alumni coaches will be ready for the start of Intermediate A and B on 3 April and Senior B and Open A on 24 April.

Mrs Mary-Anne Wood
Debating Co-ordinator