“Debating this year has been an incredibly successful experience.”

Pictured: 2016 QAHS Intermediate B Team: Jordan Lim, Chris Yao, Aditi Bhushan and Brandon Wang.

“Debating this year has been an incredibly wonderful experience. Being new to debating and having taken the risk of public speaking, which I was honestly terrified of, I had the wonderful opportunity and pleasure of being able to learn and improve with the help of my team members, Jordan Lim, Chris Yao and Brandon Wang, who are exceptional debaters. My team mates have helped me gain new skills at each debate, whether I was speaking or helping out in the short preparation debates. I believe that through our teamwork, commitment and determination we were fortunate enough to make it through to the semi-finals. Although we were unable to advance through to the grand-finals, we had met many strong opponents and I believe there has been a tremendous effort by our teams and teachers to make it this far but to also display ourselves as open-minded, communicators, thinkers and principled. Good luck to the senior team on making it through to the Grand Finals and thank you to everyone that supported us this year.”

Bhushan, AditiAditi Bhushan
Year 10