DETE QAHS Discipline Audit

As part of an initiative to strengthen positive school culture in Queensland state schools, Discipline Audits are to be conducted in every Queensland state school by November 2014 to provide quality feedback on how the school is ensuring a safe, supportive and disciplined learning environment and to inform school planning processes.  QAHS was audited on July 30 this year and we have received our report demonstrating outcomes of High (Excellent) and Outstanding (World Class).

We are very pleased with the audit outcomes as they validate what we believe are our exceptional practices throughout the Academy.  The Commendations, Affirmations and Recommendations made by the Auditor assist our continuing focus on excellence and provide a cause for great celebration by the staff!  The five audit domains include: Principal Leadership, Parent and Community Engagement, Data Informed Decision-Making,  Clear Consistent Expectations for Behaviour and Explicit Teaching of Appropriate Behaviour.  The Audit Report, including the outcomes of each domain and the Auditor’s comments, can be viewed on our website at

Jane Sleeman