Dragon Dancers perform at Flavours of Metro event

Despite the unpleasant weather and the constant threat of rain, the QAHS Dragon Dancers demonstrated great resilience by fulfilling a commitment to the Gold Coast City Council by performing at the Flavours of Metro event at Southport Chinatown on Saturday 6 October. As always, their performances were greatly appreciated and highly regarded by the market patrons. This event gave the troupe another opportunity to showcase their new routine. Please see below for Meyrick Fisher‘s reflection:

“On 6 October the QAHS Chinese Dragon Dance Group performed at Southport Chinatown at the monthly Chinatown street markets. There were two dances that were performed once at 6:15pm and once at 7:15pm. These Street Market performances are great indicators of our development as Chinese Dragon Dance performers and give us a space to show off our new techniques and routine. This was the first time we performed the new routine at the Street Markets and the second time we have performed the new routine, with the first being at the EKKA earlier this year. This Chinese Dragon Dancing group performance assists in our engagement with the local Chinese community and the global Chinese community through means of Dragon Dancing to tell a story about the Dragon. These performances not only help us experience a new perspective on the people that come from China but also help develop our Chinese language skills and interactions in a predominantly Chinese area. We plan to change and alter our routine more for the next performance and improve on what was already a great achievement. All of our hard work from this year will culminate on November 3rd at the Chinatown Street Markets!”

If you are keen to see the Dragon Dancers perform in public, you will have one more chance before the end of the year when they perform at Southport Chinatown on the 3rd of November. Timings for the event will be published closer to the event.

Mr Dean Ryschka
QAHS Dragon Dancers Coodinator