Dragon Dancing Team complete second performance in Chinatown

On Saturday 5 August, the QAHS Dragon Dance Team further strengthened the QAHS connection with the Gold Coast City Council by performing at the Southport Chinatown Night Markets. Please see the below reflection from John Yoon and Raymond Tram:

“The QAHS Dragon Dance Team completed their second performance in Chinatown, Southport as a new month began. We successfully performed three times on the night and felt accomplished in promoting the traditional Chinese culture at an event such as this on a monthly basis. Unfortunately, it will be the last performance for the Year 12 students as mock exams are approaching, however, the Year 11’s are eager to lead the performance next time. Please come and support QAHS by visiting and cheering us on. We hope to see you there.”
John Yoon and Raymond Tram – Year 12 Students


Mr Dean Ryschka
Mandarin Teacher