Duke of Edinburgh program begins at QAHS

This year QAHS offered the Duke of Edinburgh program for the first time with students undertaking both Bronze and Silver certification. Last Friday and Saturday (24-25 October) students completed their first adventurous journey in the beautiful Lockyer Valley. The journey was an overnight trip focused upon hiking, navigation, gear selection and camp cooking. The adventurers were Dakota Smith (Year 10), Dylan Vaughan-Jones, Bree Schuch, Andrei Constantin, Jordin Vaars, Hannah Claverie, Emma Hadwen and Elke Howell (all Year 11), along with Mr Mitchell, Ms Newlove and Mr Cooper. The students involved demonstrated great skills, excellent teamwork and determination to complete this journey in very warm conditions.

Paul Mitchell
Year 11 Co-ordinator

2014 Duke of Edinburgh a“Our adventurous journey started early on Friday, at six thirty in the morning. The drive to our camp took two hours, with the last half hour through the scenic countryside of Rosevale.  We were off to a good start and by the time we got to Edmund Park, we were pumped up and ready to go. We ate an early lunch and jumped right into learning navigation skills with our guide, JP.

We learnt how to navigate using a compass, read and understand everything there is to know about maps and other basic navigation skills essential to wilderness survival. Our guide and teacher, JP, was teeming with knowledge about everything and we learnt a lot listening to him.

Later in the afternoon the sky turned black with clouds and distant lightning, and we prepared to move to shelter if the weather took a turn for the worse. Fortunately, the weather was kind and we were able to prepare a fire and cook homemade damper while we unwound under a beautiful clear night.

2014 Duke of Edinburgh b

We got up early in the morning for our hike to beat the hot sun and were on our way by six o’clock. We hit a “speed bump” at the start and got lost for half an hour, but working as a team we were able to fill in our knowledge gaps and find our way. The climb was steep and the sun was hot but within a couple of hours, we reached the summit of Mount Beau Brummel, with plenty of energy for the hike back down. It was a very enjoyable hike!

We were able to return to camp before the sun became too hot and debrief in the shade while we rehydrated. The experience was challenging but fun and we would all agree that we learnt a lot and are looking forward to continuing our Duke of Edinburgh experience next year.”

Andrei Constantin – Year 11
Dakota Smith – Year 10