Embracing Chinese culture through dance

“Chinese culture is one of the world’s oldest, most beautiful cultures that traces back thousands of years, passed through several generations and dynasties. This year, seven students had the opportunity to embrace the Chinese culture through Chinese fan dancing. In China, dance is a form of highly varied and highly regarded art. Chinese dance embodies traditional aesthetic principles with its unique dance movements, rhythms, and inner meaning. It is a form of emotion and history presented in its best form.

L-R: Julia Bejleri, Yi Ni Kong, Song Jin Loh, Anna Sakai, Hannah Lee, Emily S-matsumato, and Raeesah Sayeed.

In week two, two choreographers came in to teach us the routine that we would be performing at the soiree in week six. From the dance, we noticed that traditional Chinese culture was very elegant and beautiful. We were in awe with how very emotional the dance was – it seemed to be almost ethereal. We could not wait to perform at the soiree and we began to feel overly excited, but then, we realized there was work to be done. After being taught the dance in two days, we were left to practice religiously for the next three weeks. At first it was difficult to work as a group, people were at different levels in dancing and often found the dance a little difficult. However, as the weeks went by, we worked together as a team to ensure that everyone was comfortable with dance and that it could be performed confidently. The experience developed our team work skills and reminded us to remain open-minded towards all the different cultures that we may come across. On behalf of the fan dance group, I would like to thank Mrs Cheng for her support and exposing us to this beautiful culture.” 

Sayeed, RaeesahRaeesah Sayeed
Year 10