Extended Essays are on their way!

On Friday 17 July, QAHS Year 12 students handed in the final editions of their Extended Essay (EE).  The 2015 Year 12 EEs have been sent to countries all over the world for IB marking, including: Chile, Australia, Ecuador, Argentina, Italy, USA, Scotland, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

The Extended Essay is a core component of the International Baccalaureate. It requires students to undertake research and write a 4,000 word essay on an area of interest over the course of 12 months. The writing of the essay equips students with a number of skills, some of which include the effective formulation of a research question, development of structured arguments and communication, as well as providing opportunities for the entry of essays to national and international competitions.

Sam Hunt, who researched the extent to which sociocultural and biological factors interacted in schizophrenic personality disorders, said that, “It’s definitely a relief to be able to say that it’s done, but as stressful as it was, I’m glad that I did it. I feel that as a result of working on and completing the EE, I have developed better time management skills and understand the importance of referencing.”

Frazer Hearps, whose essay examined how the increasing human population affects water quality in upland creeks, said that, “The EE gave us the opportunity to learn how to develop such a large essay at a high quality standard, which prepares us for university life.”

Hayeon Jang investigated the value of e-commerce as a growth strategy for Chanel, and said, “Although it was a challenging process, I think that the EE has given me valuable experience as it has improved my ability to research more effectively.”

Kemi Omomo added that, “Honestly, I cannot believe that it is over. Looking back, I am quite proud of how my EE turned out, though it was difficult to reach that finish line.”

Maria-Theodora Ciubuc-Batcu said, “For me, the EE was invaluable because it allowed me to get a taste of what being a researcher could be like, and really made me think more openly about what career I might be interested in.”

Hudson, LornaLorna Hudson
Student Reporter
Year 12