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This term, Year 11 French Ab initio students were asked to create a brochure to support the “Anti gaspillage (anti-waste)” campaign in the Refectory, based on research as part of the unit on Environment. See below some of the brochures created by students along with their reflection on the activity. (Click on image to view brochure).

French_poster_6La Campagne contre le gaspillage (anti-waste campaign), was an interesting learning activity for myself as it not only provided the opportunity for me to expand my French vocabulary and knowledge, but also to look at ways in which I am able to decrease the amount of waste in my school community. The research aspect of this task has increased my awareness of how much food is wasted every day in Australia and ways that I am able to combat this issue. This task was especially rewarding, not only in my French studies but also heightening my awareness of the environment around us.
                                      Lois Livingstone


French_poster_2Making a brochure to support the ‘Anti gaspillage’ campaign was an eye-opening experience that helped me to become more aware of the issue of waste in our society. While researching the subject, I came across a lot of surprising statistics surrounding the topic of how much food is wasted each year. I was shocked to see how much food is going to waste and as a result, I am now more aware of what I throw out. I hope that this brochure has the same impact on other people and helps us to reduce the waste in our community.
Emily Bull


French_poster_4Having small writing assignments like these in our French subject allow us to explore the language in our own terms. It’s refreshing to have the opportunity to learn how to express topics that are relevant to us as Academy students in the French language. This term, one of our chapter topics was the subject of being an eco-friendly citizen and, as a member of our school community, the cleanliness of our school, particularly the refectory, is an important issue that involves every member of our community. That is why I thoroughly enjoyed writing about the campaign for cafeteria cleanliness in our French writing task and exploring the different                                       ways in which we can continue the excellent condition of our school eating facilities.
                                      Patricia Madronio


French_poster_5After having written a “brochure sur la campagne contre le gaspillage”, I have found the topic to be very interesting. I began by researching the statistics around littering throughout school grounds and I was surprised by the large amount of waste found in canteens. I then started to think of ideas to reduce these appalling statistics such as the introduction of container days, whereby students bring all their lunches in containers instead of plastic wrap, aluminium foil and zip lock bags. Therefore, I found the large statistical values of waste found in the canteen surprising as well as the innovation of ideas to reduce waste very interesting in completion of this task.
                                      Rebecca Veitch


French_poster_3This poster, as one of my homework tasks, was very beneficial not only to my French language skills, but also to my personal research skills and general knowledge. I found that making this poster was very fun, due to the creative aspect, but also interesting because I was engaging with the world issue of food waste and I was able to educate others of the problem, and hopefully contribute to solving it!
Samantha Ash


Madame Soulard
French Teacher