French Speech Competition – 2015

On Sunday 16 August, fifteen of our QAHS French students took part in the annual MLTAQ Speech Competition at Griffith University.  Although many were prize winners, the reflections below indicate that winning is not everything and that the value is in the experience. Exemplifying the IB Learner Profile attributes, all students proved to be Knowledgeable, Communicators and Risk Takers and all deserve a big Bravo!

Particular congratulations should go to:

  • Nicole Nuth-Un – 1st Place, Year 12
  • Linda Matey – 1st Place, Year 11 Ab initio
  • Talan Ramsay – 1st Place, Year 10 Ab Initio


The following students received awards for Highly Commended:

  • Year 12 – Nicola Drake, Georgia Politakis
  • Year 11 – Ayla Tartic; Year 11 Ab initio – Shirin Sarvar, Daniel You
  • Year 10 Ab initio – Sandya Indrajit, Clare McMath

Félicitations à tous!

“In my opinion, getting out there and speaking in front of strangers who could speak French 1000 times better than you was an intimidating but a great experience. I hope that more students sign up for next year.” Sandya Indrajit, Year 10 ab initio

“Participating in the French Speech Competition was a valuable, challenging experience. I learned that perseverance, motivation and practice are required in order to improve particular areas for growth. Overall, this contest is great opportunity for students who are risk takers and would like to develop their French speaking and listening skills.” Nicole Nuth-Un, Year 12

“The experience was a very unnerving one, but also an excellent opportunity to exhibit our French skills. Personally, I felt that I demonstrated being a risk-taker, considering I was introduced to the language only 2½ terms ago. On the day, and even beforehand, we all practiced together and supported each other. We received a lot of help from the French teachers, Léa (the exchange student), and other French students. Merci à tout le monde pour votre aide!” Radhika Sewram, Year 10 ab initio

“This has been a great chance to exercise my speaking and listening skills in French, which are invaluable to achieving competency in any language.” Talan Ramsay, Year 10 ab initio

“The French speaking competition gave me an opportunity to increase my understanding of the French language and to further develop my speaking skills.” Reetu Kalita, Year 10 ab initio

“I had great fun exploring the Griffith University atmosphere on the day after my speech. Participating in this competition has encouraged me to volunteer for more speaking competitions. I am also very happy to now have a prepared French speech, which I will always have in my mind. This is very likely to help me start a conversation about ‘Tehran’ with the French speaker during my upcoming trip to France in 2016 winter holidays!” Shirin Sarvar, Year 11 ab initio

Ms  Wendy Groner
French Teacher