Global connection in Music

Music has the power to unite cultures and peoples. Embracing a global project to connect students from Australia and Vanuatu, Year 10 student Robert Newton travelled to Santo Espiritu, Vanuatu in April. Robert shares how Music makes an impact in a community.

“Over the next few days we performed for several different schools and youth groups, teaching them a tune and some of our dances afterwards. We donated stationery and books. This was everyone’s first time seeing a cello and second time seeing a violin since and I appreciated an audience that listens and can be moved by music and dance. They didn’t take it for granted. 

At the end of the week, I went scuba diving at Million Dollar point. The story of Million Dollar point starts when World War II ends. The U.S navy used the island as a base and by the end of it all they had a bunch of military stuff they could not take back home. They decided to dispose of it in the ocean. All the junk is now home to fish and coral. The clownfish swam right up to my mask.”

Mrs Vanessa Rebgetz