Global Connections “Bringing the World into the Classroom”

3On Tuesday 25 July 2017, QAHS had the pleasure of hosting our inaugural Global Connections guest speaker. Mr Lawrence Lau (also a parent of one of our students) was visiting from Shanghai and was able to speak to our Business Management and Mandarin students focusing on the topic of culture and management.

As a Fellow CPA (Aust) with over 25 years of experience in finance, corporate strategies, merger & acquisition and consulting in the Asia Pacific region, Mr Lau has a wealth of experience that our students were keen to hear about. His industrial experiences span across manufacturing, consumer goods, advance materials and renewable energy and he has held various senior positions in General Motors, L’Oreal and KPMG.

Mr Lau’s presentation focused on examining what impact cultural differences in the Asia-Pacific region have on the commercial world. Through the use of engaging anecdotal case studies, Mr Lau 2shared with us reasons why the understanding of culture is crucial to the success of any business, and provided advice on how to overcome the challenges and embrace the opportunities of doing business in China and other South-East Asian countries. In addition, students were given goal setting and career advice to assist them in achieving greatness in their chosen career, whatever that may be. Finally the benefits of working with mentors at the various stages of one’s career were also highlighted.

We wish to thank Mr Lawrence Lau for his valuable contributions to our Global Connections program.

Mrs Christina Rekort-Blundell
Business Management Teacher