Global sharing in Educational Technology

QAHS recently played host to a visiting delegation from Japan’s Association for Promotion of Educational Technology (JAPET). The opportunity to share different cultural perspectives engages our students and staff with the international-mindedness of being an IB school.  We thank our Japanese speaking QAHS Student Ambassadors who played a pivotal role in translating presentations in the native language of our visiting delegates and engaged with our visitors to share the unique aspects of an education with Queensland Academies.

JAPET delegates enjoyed viewing the way educational technology is integrated in learning at QAHS during a Year 11 Theory of Knowledge class and were joined by QAHS Student Ambassadors Annalisa Rashad, Kirrali Keenes, Ayami Watanabe, Erika Osawa, Maria Saito, Anna Yamada, Emily S-Matsumoto and Kai Onuki (pictured below) for a tour of the campus and an information session with Head of Department Contemporary Teaching and Learning Ms Lissa Hodson and Deputy Principal Mrs Vanessa Rebgetz.

Mrs Vanessa Rebgetz
Deputy Principal