Gold Coast City Junior Council reflection

Pictured above (L-R): Madeleine Brooker, Emily Douglas, Stephanie Hall, Siobhan Lau, Naina Verma.

On Thursday 13 July, I attended the second Gold Coast Junior Council meeting for the year. During this meeting, we engaged in various activities with one of the highlights being a visit from the Homeless Connect Volunteer team. The team informed us about their work and how it is assisting the homeless in our city. We viewed a short video and were then given the chance to share our ideas as to how we could encourage greater involvement of youth for such a worthy cause. We also helped the Homeless Connect team pack various toiletry kits, with items that we take for granted, to distribute to those less fortunate. This hands-on experience made me further appreciate the hours of time given up by numerous volunteers in our community.

Another highlight of the meeting was the announcement for the 2017 Executive Committee. To nominate for a position on the committee, nominees were required to submit a written application and present a speech at the last meeting, for voting purposes. I was fortunate to receive a position on the committee which means I will remain a member of Junior Council for another year. I will now have the responsibility of hosting the meetings and will be further involved in decision-making processes with the other committee members. I am excited to be spending another year with Junior Council, working towards our common goal of creating a sense of community through active participation in Gold Coast community life.Junior-Council-executive

Hall, StephanieStephanie Hall
Year 11 Student