Gold Coast High School Captains Leadership Summit

50 Students from over 10 High Schools attended the inaugural Gold Coast State Secondary Schools’ Leadership Summit held at the Runaway Bay Sports and Leadership Excellence Centre (RBSLEC) in December 2014.

The following QAHS students attended the summit –  Jack Baird, Adkemi Omomo,
Shannon Krenek, Ciaran Bruce, Lucy Chen, Tyra Kruger
and Jonathan Manifold.

QAHS 2014 GC Leadership Summit attendees

Guest speakers and presenters prepared future school leaders for their journey in 2015.

“I think that it was a great way to understand the challenges that come across when being a leader. The summit made me think about the different ways in which a person can lead and the best strategies to use.” – Kemi Omomo

“The leadership summit was a phenomenal experience that not only gave me the opportunity to meet amazing and like-minded people, but also to form and develop leadership qualities I never knew I had. All the activities and people provided exciting and stimulating experiences which taught me a significant amount about myself and served to encourage my confidence as a future leader.” – Shannon Krenek

“I really enjoyed the guest speakers during the Leadership Summit as I found them very inspirational and motivating.” – Jonathan Manifold

“During the Leadership Summit, I improved my leadership skills with the help of the guest speakers and peers from other schools. As a result of the team building activities, I made a number of new friendships and developed my communication skills.” – Tyra Kruger

Highlights can be seen below.

Mrs Jackson
HOD Student Services