Gold Coast Junior Council

Gold Coast Junior Council’s first meeting was on 7 March 2014. It was great to see everyone again, including other students from different schools. Last year, I waited with trepidation for the meeting to start, wondering what Gold Coast Junior Council actually was about. However, this year was different because it was already a familiar experience, registering my name, sticking a name tag on my blazer and walking into the council chambers with everyone else.

At Junior Council, you form new friendships, and have the chance to step up as a leader, such as running for the position of Junior Mayor or part of the Executive Team. Junior Council is not only a great CAS opportunity, encompassing all the eight required outcomes, but also a wonderful experience where you are given the chance to help out and make a difference in the community.

Pictured L-R: Cindy Huang, Bethany Ash and Amy Zhou


GCCC logoThe Gold Coast Junior Council is a student leadership and civic program for young people in Years 10 and 11 attending high schools within the Gold Coast region. The two year program provides students with the opportunity to develop skills in communication, public speaking, leadership, and to learn about local government and community issues.

Last year, 22 Gold Coast state and private high schools and 100 students participated in the program. Junior Council is the largest program of its kind in Queensland and celebrated its 20 year anniversary in 2013.

The City of Gold Coast Junior Council program aims to provide young people with:

  • Citizenship
    Better understanding of the role and functions of local government, the Gold Coast community and local issues.
  • Participation
    Opportunities to have a voice: raise issues, exchange ideas, discuss community issues and provide input into City planning, programs and services.
    Opportunities to develop important skills including communication, consultation, leadership and program development.
  • Consultation
    Opportunities for young people to be involved in decision-making processes.
  • Community
    A sense of community through active participation in Gold Coast community life and meeting like-minded people.


Cindy Huang
Year 11