Gold Coast Science and Engineering Competition Winners!

Much excitement filled our campus on Thursday 23 May as our campus had the privilege of hosting the Gold Coast Science and Engineering Competition, with our own Year 10 Physics cohort also competing.

Each year we take pride in our students who tend to land a position of first, second or third overall and this year was no different. Our Physics students competed in a range of half or full day activities that involved working together in small teams to solve problems. Students, for example, used PVC pipe, strings and straws to make a hand to pick up objects;  simulated and balanced energy production and consumption; created a rover to overcome the rugged terrain of Mars; and built a balsa wood bridge to withstand  up to a 9 kilogram weighted trolley, just to name a few.

It was a day full of challenges, critical thinking and fun and we are very proud of our students. They proved to be true IB Learners as they communicated effectively as a team, took informed risks and performed to their best ability. Among eight highly competitive schools, we are pleased to announce our team claimed first place this year.

Congratulations, Year 10 Physics students!

Mr Paul Mitchell
Science Faculty