Griffith University focus on Leadership Roles of Women in Law

On Wednesday 26 March, Sophie Wells, Naomi Smith and myself Lara Durack, attended an event at Griffith University that focused on the leadership roles of women in law. We listened to a panel of three successful women that have experienced working in the field of law or in law education.

The first speaker was Christine Smyth, a Partner at Robbins Watson Solicitors. Christine Smyth spoke about the future of the legal profession and particularly how new technologies are expected to eradicate certain types of lawyers such as personal injury lawyers.  She spoke of a ‘sharpening’ of the Legal workforce with futurists predicting that the rapid advancing technology will shrink Law as an industry over the forthcoming years. For example, Google self-driving cars reduce road accidents caused by human error thereby reducing the need for personal injuries lawyers; people are living longer and so there is a corresponding impact on succession lawyers.  She also spoke about the benefits of a support network amongst females and networking with others.

The second speaker Professor Penelope Mathew, is the Dean of Law, Head of School at Griffith University and she shared her experience of having a legal career and then moving to the educational aspect of law. She also discussed the importance of volunteering and the opportunities that it can bring.

The final speaker was Jasemine Altinkaya, who is the President of Griffith University Student Law Association. She spoke about how women in legal professions have to stand up for themselves and how sometimes you unexpectedly like an area of law that you didn’t expect to like.

As the three of us are prospective law students, we thoroughly enjoyed and learnt a lot from this event and the networking with the other listeners and panel members that followed. ​We thank Mrs Rebgetz and the speakers for providing a great experience.

Durack, LaraLara Durack
Year 11