Health and Well-being Day Thursday 10 May ‘Being Well to Do Well’

Last Thursday (May 10) our QA community engaged in the annual Health and Well-being Day. The theme for the 2018 program was ‘Being well to do well’, with all activities planned for the day aligning with our QA Wellbeing Mission Statement.

The QAHS Well-being statement and our MLC program is grounded in positive psychology research, specifically the PERMA+ model. Evidence demonstrates that there is an undisputed scientific link between well-being in schools amongst students and staff and an increase in academic results. To promote well-being in our school, Positive Psychology is used as the research grounding. In our QAHS well-being statement you can see our tree trunk is our QA Community. The IB Leaner profile is represented by the roots which nourish and provide support for our tree, and the PERMA+ model is represented by the branches. These branches support the many programs, activities and support mechanisms (leaves) that we have available at QAHS, one being our successful Health and Well-being Day.

Year 10 Students engaged in workshops all day accompanied by their MLC teacher. The focus of the workshops included Sexual Relationships facilitated by the School-Based Youth Health Nurse team, Drugs and Alcohol Awareness facilitated by the School-Based Youth Health Nurse Team and Positive Relationships sessions with the students’ MLC teachers.

Our nutrition and sleep workshop was conducted by Karla Gilbert OAM who is an accredited nutrition & health coach, an ironwoman who has won numerous World and Australian titles, and the current Australian Standup Paddleboard Champion.  Students were treated to a range of tips for a balanced and nutritious lifestyle, recipes to take away and some very well received healthy coconut rough.  Our silent yoga encompassed a revolutionary way to deliver a blissful yoga class whilst wearing headphones to really encapsulate the mindful benefits of a yogic practice.  Our very own School Based Youth Health Nurse, Pam Day, also delivered an energetic and fun way to practise mindfulness through music with her entertaining drumming workshop.

A reflection by year 10 student Aiden Luchs
“I really enjoyed the experience of last week’s Health and Wellbeing Day, as I learned so many interesting facts that I can apply in my own life. The day included many interesting activities, with lectures on important topics such as healthy relationships, drugs and alcohol, and nutrition. My favourite activities were the drumming and silent yoga. They were both so much fun to take part in, and very relaxing as well. I also really enjoyed the lunchtime activities on the Green Heart, such as the totem tennis. I am very thankful that I was able to take part in the Health and Well-being Day, as I learned so much vital information that I can apply in future situations.”


Year 11 Students engaged in a ‘respectful relationships’ workshop facilitated by the School-Based Youth Health Nurse Gold Coast team, accompanied by their MLC teacher.

A reflection by Year 11 student, Noor Saadi:
“The Health and Well-being day was an entertaining as well as educating experience. The year 11s participated in a program that raised awareness regarding positive relationship and how to ensure that the relationship does not become harmful or uncomfortable for both partners involved. The course involved us having discussions regarding what a healthy relationship is composed of and what an unhealthy relationship would look like. Furthermore, it raised awareness regarding the indicators of an abusive relationship, “It doesn’t have to be physical to be abusive.” We discussed what are the best ways an individual can leave an abusive relationship, how they can get help and how we as bystanders can help them and support others who are going through this issue in their life. Throughout the day, there were Headspace stalls installed in the grounds for all students to access and gain information regarding helpful sites and places that they can go to for any help or support they need. Moreover, the day was also very light and fun. The students were served noodles during lunch, which were delicious and there were physical as well as board games put out during lunch for students to participant in and enjoy. The day had a balanced amount of entertainment as well as interactive, awareness raising programs, and I personally appreciate all the effort that was put into organizing this event as it spread an important message that all young adults at our age must understand, that is Positive Relationships.”    

Year 12 Students engaged in ‘Blurred Lines’ facilitated by Griffith University accompanied by their MLC teacher.

Reflections from our year 12 students:

“The QAHS Health and Well-being day was as enjoyable and engaging as expected; full of activity, fun and connectedness amongst year levels and the greater QAHS community. Activities in the Green Heart, informative stalls and demonstrations, and engaging and thought-provoking presentations from guest speakers led to a day of learning and insightful conversation.”
Natsha Rajkumar

“As a well-being ambassador for the committee, I helped to facilitate and organise the activities of the Well-being Day, along with documenting its success. As a student and a member of the community, I found myself able to not only participate but relish in the celebration of health, happiness and comfort that was the Health and Well-being Day. Notably, the facilities provided did their part in invigorating a sense of well-being in the school community, but would be remiss in their presence if not for the true advocacy of well-being that took place within. I can comfortably say that the day was a success in its intent and that the community will benefit from its continued prosperity in years to come.”
Monique Brown

A highlight of the day were the lunch time activities which included ‘Play in the green heart’ (totem pole tennis/bubbles/quoits), a mental health awareness stall by Headspace, as well as Noodle stretching demonstrations and a catered vegetarian noodle box for the community.

The day concluded with our Leadership Learning Afternoon Tea, hosted by our Student Executive with guest speaker Mr. Antony McNamee, 2011 QAHS graduate. With approximately 60 students, staff and parents in attendance, Anthony inspired the audience with his current research and leadership tips that have helped guide his success. These tips included being ambitious but flexible, working with intrinsic motivation not external gain and always love to learn.

Our Guest Speakers Bio:

Mr Antony McNamee is a current doctoral candidate at Griffith University working in the exciting field of medical research. After graduating from QAHS, Antony went on to complete a Bachelor of Exercise Science with Honours, being awarded a scholarship supported PhD position for being the top ranked in his Griffith Health Group cohort. Antony’s developing expertise ranges physiology, vascular biology, and haemorheology (fluid dynamics of blood flow), with particular emphasis on the inspection of electrochemical and physical properties of red blood cells to identify new markers of blood damage induced by artificial hearts. While Antony also currently lectures into several university subjects, he remains focused and passionate about translating his current research themes into clinically-relevant results that will improve the management, livelihood and quality of life of patients.

Ms Alita Blackmur
HoD Global Learners