IBO Programme impact research

Worldschool - lrgProgramme impact research projects investigate the impact of IB programmes and seek to understand the value of an IB education by identifying the qualities and characteristics that distinguish IB schools and IB students. Some studies are conducted internally by the IB research department, while others are done in collaboration with or by universities or external research organizations.

The types of questions addressed include the following (not limited to):

  • Learner Profile. To what extent do students exhibit characteristics described in the learner profile? To what extent do a school’s philosophy, structures and systems, and curriculum and units of work enable students to develop into the learner described in the profile?
  • Student Performance. What does the academic experience and performance of IB students look like? How does the academic experience and achievement of IB students compare to their non-IB peers? Are IB students academically engaged and motivated?
  • Programme Implementation. What is the impact of the implementation of an IB programme on a school? How does the school change as a result of the implementation of an IB programme? What are successful strategies in the implementation of IB programmes?
  • Standards. How do IB standards compare with various national and state systems? Do IB standards compare favourably to nations, provinces and states with very strong academic standards for what students should know and learn? How well do IB standards prepare students for post-secondary success? Where are the opportunities for broader recognition of the IB as the result of the standards alignment and analysis?

Completed and  in-progress studies for the Diploma Programme can be found at http://www.ibo.org/research/policy/programmevalidation/diploma/

Jane Sleeman