Kokoda Challenge Fundraising

Well done to the members of QAHS Team 4 (Heath Cooper, Rohaan Haikerwal, Akira Judd and Kaito Cole) who completed a very successful Bunnings barbecue fundraiser. Please see the below report from Diane Cooper (Heath’s parent):

The boys had a very successful BBQ on Sunday 11 June 2017.

We were all a little concerned that the weather may have kept people away, however this was the opposite.

The boys worked solidly from 7:45am to 4:00pm, demonstrating great stamina.

They sold:
86kg of sausages; equalling approx. 1200 sausages
30kg of cut onions – which they cut themselves, tears and all
55 loaves of bread
150 cans of soft drink

Resulting in a profit; after expenses of $1970.

The boys are to be commended on their professionalism, dedication and hard work.

They wore their QAHS uniform with pride, spoke enthusiastically of the school with customers and their Kokoda experience and overall motivation to succeed in this amazing challenge of 96km.

They demonstrated exceptional team work and strategic thinking towards making the day a huge success.

This is an outstanding result, and the boys of QAHS Team 4 should be very proud of their efforts. Having completed their fundraising, Team 4 is now set to proceed in the Kokoda Challenge commencing on 15 July.

Good luck to the four QAHS teams participating in this weekend’s 96km Kokoda Challenge.

Mr Dean Ryschka
Sport Coordinator