Kokoda Challenge Youth Program update

Congratulations to Xocel Rampino-Gallo and Song Jin Loh who have been participating in the Kokoda Youth Foundation. Please see the below report from their Program Co-Leader, Dann Hollingshed:

Just a quick update on  Xocel Rampino-Gallo and Song Jin Loh’s  progression through the Kokoda Challenge Youth Program. It has been a tough month for the Kokoda Kids, they’ve been getting up super early each Sunday and have been pushing themselves further than they ever have before. The distance and terrain have been predictably unforgiving which tests each individual to their limits and I’m very happy to say that the Kokoda spirit is shining through the girls and their Gold Coast team mates. On Saturday night the team had, for many of them, their first night walk. They battled really hard, stuck together as a team and managed to finish their 43kms in just under 13 hours. We now look forward to the Gold Coast 96km Challenge on 15th/16th July which is renowned as the toughest team endurance event in Australia so be sure to offer support and encouragement to the girls as they continue to push themselves to personal limits they never thought possible.

Kokoda Youth Program montage

We wish Xocel and Song Jin all the best for the upcoming Kokoda Challenge.

Mr Dean Ryschka
Sports Coordinator