Language Perfect 2016

Language Perfect-logoLanguage Perfect is a competition where students from around the world learn vocabulary online, earn points and compete for awards and prizes. Students compete against each other, compete for their school and compete for their country! It’s fast paced, exciting, and very competitive. Teachers can tailor learning vocabulary to the curriculum that students are working on in class!

Congratulations to the Health Sciences Campus students who participated in the 2016 Language Perfect World Championships during May.  QAHS students embraced the competition and placed 3rd in the worldwide 1-50 students category and gained valuable house points in the QAHS House Challenge.

QAHS Student achievements:

Language perfect results

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Students who participated commented:

“The Language Perfect competition was a great opportunity to expand and consolidate our knowledge of the vocabulary we have learnt over the past year. By participating in the competition, I learnt many words in relation to a variety of different topics, ranging from filmmaking to global warming. It was an incredibly valuable experience and I would recommend it to all students who wish to learn more about the French language.”  Claire Livingstone

“The Language Perfect competition provided me with a fun learning activity to improve my French comprehension, listening and writing skills. The program allowed me to pick up new vocabulary and grammar that I can use in my examinations in the coming years. I would highly recommend this program for those that are interested in building their French knowledge in a fun and exciting way! Merci.”  Lois Livingstone

“Given that this is the second year that I’ve done this competition, it has been helpful yet again for improving my French vocabulary. I would recommend this to every French student as this is one of the best ways to extend your vocabulary and learn very useful expressions, and you are also learning and having fun at the same time.”  Linda Matey

“This is a very helpful site as it allows me to go back and revise words I may have learnt before.”  Jaime D’Cruz

“The learning platform is wonderful and enables us to learn vocabulary in a fun and competitive way.”  Jennie Chan

“Competing in the 2016 Language Perfect competition has allowed me to improve my abilities in all areas of the French language. It is a fun way to gain new skills whilst also strengthening your existing ones. This competition allows you to increase your listening, reading and writing skills while competing with your friends and other students in your school. It is a great way to expand your vocabulary and makes understanding and comprehension in the classroom much easier. I would definitely recommend this competition for anybody who is learning a language.”  Emily Bull

“After having completed two weeks of the 2016 Language Perfect Competition, it has allowed me to improve on both my French vocabulary and grammar skills. It is a fun and interactive way to learn and is a great way to gain new language skills. The competition is a great way to test all areas of language such as speaking, listening and writing. I would definitely recommend the competition for anyone considering it in the future. Merci”  Rebecca Veitch

Well done and congratulations to all participants.

Madame Soulard
French Teacher