Leadership Breakfast – special guest Nicole Gibson

In Week 7 of Term 1, the first Leadership Breakfast of 2016 was well attended by students and staff, with the special guest speaker and QACI Graduate, Nicole Gibson. Nicole perfectly encapsulated the pressures and anxieties experienced by students in the senior phase of school.  She explained her unique story and the various persistent ways she dealt with conflict when it came upon her. She exposed the Year 12, Year 11 and the new Year 10s to the insightful lessons she learnt in her journey to the current point in her life. For example, she spoke about her initial dreams of becoming an actor/performer, and explained the importance of utilising your imagination in favor of motivating you to subsequently achieve your goal. She talked about her journey in forming her charity “Rogue and Rouge” which is centered on raising awareness for mental illness, as she herself experienced lack of support regarding these topics when she went through these issues in her junior high school life.

Jaike Salmon, Zainab Noor and Linda Matey thank Nicole for sharing her journey.

Jaike Salmon, Zainab Noor and Linda Matey thank Nicole for sharing her journey.

Personally, hearing her story allowed me to experience five years worth of life related epiphanies in less than an hour. She focused on topics such as isolation and love, and how love is the real meaning of life in her opinion, as in her profound national journey around the circumference of Australia, she underwent exposure to some rural environments of Australia and the different types of students at schools in these locations. Nicole’s justifications on her “meaning of life” elegantly explained how fear cannot be opposed with fear, as it doesn’t cancel out, instead the fear just doubles in intensity. From this valuable talk, I believe that I gained enlightenment regarding how to deal with tricky situations and disagreements; using determination and love while maintaining self confidence.

Noor, ZainabZainab Noor
Year 11


Nicole GibsonNicole Gibson is committed to motivating other young people through her organisation The Rogue & Rouge Group Inc. to be the best they can be and to reverse the stigmatisation of mental health, body image and self-esteem issues in Australia’s young people.

Nicole is currently one of Australia’s National Mental Health Commissioners, the youngest ever to be appointed in the Commonwealth. She was a finalist for Young Australian of the Year 2014, named one of Australia’s top 100 most influential women, named as one of Australia’s 2012 Young Social Pioneers and received The Pride of Australia Inspiration Medal in 2014. Nicole is a QAHS School Council member and 2010 QACI graduate.