Leadership Breakfast reflection

This morning, our alarm bells rang at inhumane hours. We rolled out of our beds at the break of dawn for an unusually early start. Once we arrived at the refectory, cold chills met our half-asleep bodies as well as the indulging smell of free breakfast. We were greeted by the familiar face of Mr Errol Amerakesera, a rather motivational individual from True North Learning. From the moment his speech started and the hot quiches and hash browns found refuge in our stomachs, we were taken away on a truly emotional journey.  We explored wounds of the battles of life, discovered our personal gifts and learnt how to share these with the world. In delving into our wounds we can take time to “wallow in our negative emotions” – it is OK to ‘wallow’ but once the emotion has ‘run its course’ we can instigate a way of using this to move forward. Buddha was quoted with “This too shall pass” and from there the importance of the meaning of life emerged. Our eyes were opened to the artificiality of modern day happiness and we discussed the idea that happiness is overrated in our culture.  Life is not about searching for a smile, but rather “finding the meaning in every situation”.  This final Leadership Breakfast for 2015 complements the ongoing leadership learning opportunities provided by QAHS throughout the year.

Ayla Tartic and Thomas Jackson3