Leadership Breakfast Term 1

Last Wednesday we had our first leadership breakfast of the year with the guest speaker Ms Ingrid Keates.  She is currently the General Events Manager for Swimming Australia. Ingrid has worked in major event planning and venue operations for the past 16 years working on events such as, the Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Doha Asian Games, Rugby World Cup, Congress and Conventions, Concerts, Festivals, Stadium and Facilities Management and City Operations. Her career has provided experiences working and living in countries throughout the Middle East, China, Europe, United Kingdom and cities around Australia. She spoke to us about how a balanced life is important, leadership styles as well as being willing to step outside the box in a corporate situation.

A balanced life includes your work and commitments, Entertainment at Term 1 Leadership Breakfast croppedbut also exercise and some creativity as well. Ingrid spoke of how her best ideas come from when she is out relaxing or running down the street and that it isn’t necessary for one to work 24 hours a day.

She spoke about leadership styles, and this included the mentors she has had helping her over the years in her career. One aspect of leadership is becoming a mentor as they help guide people through their private or professional lives, and how we can all learn from and teach our mentors. She mentioned that being a leader isn’t simply making important decisions. It is also brainstorming, allowing your colleagues to prosper and stepping back to see how they take up the reins.

Lastly, within a corporate situation don’t be afraid to step outside the box and take a little risk. There are so many ideas possible that aren’t being created simply due to the fact people have been worried it’s too unusual, too different etc. She encouraged us to follow our instincts and to be original and creative.

All in all, the leadership breakfast was a great opportunity to hear from Ingrid about her experiences with her career and leadership. She gave some great advice and shed some light on ways we can be ourselves in a leadership position or in our future careers, instead of conforming to an ideal. It was an experience that everyone should have the opportunity to attend and should definitely consider attending next term’s Leadership Breakfast

Pictured: Patricia Madronio and Wynnr De Castro added to the atmosphere as guests, teachers and students arrived for the breakfast.

Bethany AshBethany Ash
Year 11