Leadership Retreat 2019

On Thursday afternoon our QAHS leaders (who form the QAHS Student Executive) boarded a bus headed for the Numinbah Valley Environmental Education Centre to partake in the Leadership Retreat for 2019. The purpose of the Leadership Retreat is for our students to participate in workshops and activities which aim to build their capabilities as leaders and to develop a vision for student leadership at QAHS in 2019. As a result, the Student Executive spent quite some time brainstorming and then voting on our 2019 vision which we are very excited to announce as “active participation”. Student leaders then reflected upon this and have been working hard within their house leader and MLC representative groups to develop some goals and ideas to best have this vision realised.

The retreat provided students with an opportunity to interact with one another across the various grades which was seen as a highlight from the camp. They also really enjoyed the leadership learning workshops and found them to be relevant and helpful for their leadership journey.

Overall, the retreat was a success and the QAHS Student Executive are looking forward to embedding our 2019 vision into the QAHS community throughout the year.

Mrs Frances McGovern
Student Leadership Coordinator