Maths matters at the Academy

It is no surprise that the Academy’s global curriculum reflects international tendencies for high performance in maths from countries where maths is compulsory until the end of high school, such as Sweden, Japan, Korea, Russia, Finland, Taiwan and Estonia.*

Building beyond-year-level Mathematics capability is a key element of the Gold Coast Brilliant Futures program as we prepare students to study maths to Year 12 in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. We work against the trend of one in four Australian students choosing not to study Mathematics at Year 11 and Year 12, which contributes to much lower STEM university enrolment rates than Australia needs.* In short, Mathematics matters at the Academy.

We know that developing self-efficacy in maths during the adolescent years is an important ingredient in keeping young mathematicians keenly engaged in maths learning as the academic content grows in challenge through secondary school. Our Brilliant Futures mathematicians are well placed to consider the international career opportunities in this exciting field of endeavour.

Gold Coast Brilliant Futures Introductory Year and Investigative Year students came together recently at our Southport campus to engage in an afternoon of collaboration in mathematical thinking and problem solving. Pythagoras’ Theorem, Pascal’s Triangle, Logarithms and simple and compound interest concepts in Financial Literacy were already familiar to students who had participated in the Infinity Maths Online Program in Term 2. It was now time to take their learning to the next level, by applying their knowledge in higher level mathematical concepts in a series of team challenges. Speed and accuracy in application of mathematical knowledge determined the team winners for the day. Congratulations to all participating students who learnt how fun maths learning can be at the Academy.

We now welcome applications from students currently in Year 6 who would like to be part of our 2019 cohort of Brilliant Futures students. Learn more and apply online

Winning teams – Brilliant Futures, Introductory YearWinning teams – Brilliant Futures, Investigative Year

Mrs Vanessa Rebgetz
Brilliant Futures Coordinator

*Source: Gogh, D. (2018). ‘Maths should be compulsory at school: our future jobs depend on it.’ ABC News. Accessed 28/07/2018